TRS eLearning resources provide a complete hub for online or blended delivery of training that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


A new way to teach

TRS eLearning resources provide a complete hub for online or blended delivery of training that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Our eLearning units are designed to be engaging and are much more than just words on a screen. We use a wide variety of content styles, presentations and instructional design methods to capture the interest of the student, to create a superior learner experience.

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TRS eLearning Features


  • Developed by instructional designers and industry experts with student’s needs in mind
  • Interactive challenges, eCheckpoints, eQuizzes (both multiple choice questions and short answer)
  • Use of the world class Coassemble LMS
  • Captivating visual examples, case studies and graphic design elements
  • Have your organisations logo branded within the LMS
  • Easily customisable teacher support tools
  • The ability to add your own assessment tools that can be available to your students
  • The ability to send online messages and feedback to students
  • Available 24/7, 100% tablet friendly and compatible with iOS and Android
  • A competitive pricing structure that makes eLearning cost effective

TRS & Coassemble

Learning Management System

Training Resource Solutions use the world-class Coassemble LMS. It’s easy to follow design and seamless interface make it the perfect LMS for trainers and students to get the best out of their teaching and learning.

Track your student’s progress

Our easy-to-use Coassemble LMS will save you time, with student progress reporting at your fingertips. The system’s detailed granular metrics allow you to easily analyse the volume and progress of learning, including entire courses or individual students. You can see where your students are struggling with and/or spending time on and what they are viewing.

Create your own online assessments

Not only do we give you the ability to use our tried and tested online assessments, but our LMS also enables you to create your own online assessments too. Whether it be adding an already created document for your students to download or create an assessment from scratch. We make assessments easy!

LMS levels

We provide various levels of our LMS software depending on your training needs and desires! Get in touch with the team to discuss which level suits you best.


Active users                           Cost per month
250+                                          $199

Have your own LMS?

Do you love the LMS you already have? No problems at all, we can easily embed our awesome content into your own LMS*.

*Minimum number of units pre-purchased required.

With each purchase of one of our eLearning resources, you receive access to each of the following assessment tools

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The eCheckpoints are formative self-marking interactive questions throughout the learning content.



The eQuiz is a summative self-marking multiple-choice test to test the students’ theory knowledge.

Short Answer eQuiz

Short Answer eQuiz

The Short Answer eQuiz is in the form of summative short answer questions to test the students’ theory knowledge.

Unit Project

Unit Project

The Unit Project is a summative written assessment that is completed by the students once they have completed the learning content.

Practical Portfolio (SIR & SIT only)

Practical Portfolio (SIR & SIT only)

The Practical Portfolio is an additional assessment task that makes it simple for trainers to collect further evidence from their students performing the required skill based tasks.

Oral Question Report

Oral Question Report

A tool designed for trainers/assessors to ask structured and consistent questions relating to the unit in order to assess the performance evidence and knowledge evidence. This tool can give students who have difficulties with LLN the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the unit.

Supervisor Report

Supervisor Report

The intention of this report is to provide the assessor with details of the tasks the candidate performs in the workplace and the views of the supervisor on the skills and knowledge of the candidate.

Observation/Demonstration Report

Observation/Demonstration Report

The object of this document is for the trainer/assessor to collect evidence via observation or demonstration in either a real life or simulated environment and to record that evidence.

With each purchase of one of our eLearning resources, you receive access to each of the following support tools (Facilitator only)

Benchmark Report Answers

Standard benchmark answers have been recorded for the oral question report, supervisor report and observation/ demonstration report. Utilising this document assists in achieving consistency across trainers/assessors in the organisation and gives them a point of reference.


Our mapping document maps the student resource and all assessment documents (to each assessment question) to the elements, performance criteria and the performance and knowledge evidence.

As this document is provided to you in Microsoft Word, you are able to remove forms of assessment you don’t use as well as having the option to add in your own assessment activities to our mapping document.

Sample Assessment Answers

Sample answers for eCheckpoints, eQuiz, Short Answer eQuiz, Unit Project and Evidence Log Sheet (SIR & SIT only) for the trainer to refer to for the formative and summative assessments for the unit.

Version control

The version control document enables you to view what documents have had changes to them as well as when the document was last changed, and a brief description of what changes have been made.

Changes may be anything from minor spelling corrections, legislation and content updates or complete rewrites of content.