Seven elements that should be part of your new SIT training.

March 23rd, 2023 by Phillip McMillan

Seven elements that should be part of your new SIT training.

Hospitality RTOs and TAFE’s will have recently started working with the new SIT training package or will be in the process of transferring across their training and assessment. I thought it would be a good time to look at the environmental and social expectations of the public on our hospitality graduates and seven elements that should be part of your new SIT training.

Plastic, food waste, and food miles are obvious environmental considerations, and inclusion is an obvious social step forward, but there is much more that we can educate hospitality students about, including:

  1. Sustainable seafood – Where is seafood sourced from and is the harvest method sustainable for marine populations? What is farmed? What is wild caught? And what is the harvest method?
  2. Electricity generated from waste – New methane harvesting technologies that use food waste to generate electricity are now available, with collection plants being installed in larger hospitality venues.
  3. Vegetarian and vegan offerings – Reducing the climate change impact of food by offering more plant-based menu items. Becoming innovative with plant-based dishes, make plant-based food appealing!!
  4. Hotel waste – The large volumes of waste generated at accommodation hotels are a big issue that needs to change. It is really no longer socially acceptable for all those single-use plastic toiletry bottles to cause all that pollution.
  5. Supply chain audits – Taking a really close look at the types of products being purchased, how they are made? What materials they are made from? And where they are made? With a preference for local and natural products.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Hospitality managers and business executives now understand that a business does not exist for profit alone, especially where that hospitality venue is part of a smaller community and major employer in the area. The Triple Bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit must now be part of the hospitality industry training moving forward.
  7. Include our indigenous heritage – The tourism area is ripe for the greater promotion of our rich indigenous heritage through cooperation with local indigenous service providers and communities. Australia has a unique story and history to share with the world that has been overlooked for too long.