Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a TRS customer?

Get in touch with our team and we can get you and your students using our resources ASAP.

Is there anything I need to sign before I become a TRS customer?

All customers must sign an annual service agreement with us. The services agreement outlines copyright of our resources and documents, provides the RTO with a written contract to show auditors, outlines any credit arrangements and clearly outlines the agreement that you purchase one copy/unit per student.

Will you be creating more units?

We are always creating more units, follow us on LinkedIn and our monthly newsletter for updates.

Are the hardcopy resources and eLearning content the same?

No. The content for the eLearning units is based off our hardcopy resources, but there are slight changes to fit in line with the interactive and engaging aspect of our online training. The support tools also differ slightly.

I require a unit you don’t have; can you create it for me?

We can definitely take requests for any units you may require.

How often is the content updated?

We continue to update and keep our content relevant on a day-to-day basis. By looking at our version control document, you can keep informed about the changes that have been made and the date they were made.

We update content following legislation or regulation changes, continuous improvement and validation suggestions from customers or people within the industry as well as changes following from the Skills Service Organisations (SSOs).

Training Resource Solutions value feedback from our customers in ensuring we are providing the most relevant subject matter for each unit.

FAQ – Hardcopy

How do I place an order for a hardcopy resource?

Orders are to be placed via email, to We require in writing the unit title and code, as well as the quantity required.

How do I pay?

After your hardcopy resources have been dispatched, we will email you an invoice. This can be paid via credit card, bank transfer or direct deposit within 30 days.

Do you retail or just wholesale?

We only wholesale to registered RTOs and training organisations who are utilising one copy per student. We cannot supply just one copy for your trainer.

What is your refund policy?

Training Resource Solutions will only refund or replace goods if our goods have arrived in a damaged condition or were unsuitable for the purpose they were provided.

We cannot refund or return resources which have been ordered accidently or resources that were over ordered, as we print and badge to order for each specific client therefore, returns cannot be resold.

Does the teacher support material come with the student resource, or is it an additional cost?

The supporting material comes at no additional cost with the student resources, however, is only available for use with the student resources and may not be used for any student whom a student resource book has not been purchased.

Am I getting the latest versions?

Training Resource Solutions print to order, always ensuring that all resources printed are 100% the latest version.

We do not have a warehouse of stock. Therefore, if our team makes a change to a resource, you will immediately get the latest version on your latest order.

We supply an online version control document to show you all the latest versions of each document and any changes we have made.

Am I able to purchase the hardcopy resources under a licensing agreement?

No. Training Resource Solutions does not offer any licensing agreements for our hardcopy resources.

How quickly can I get my hardcopy resources order?

Please allow between 5-7 working days for your order to be processed. We aim to print the resources within 1-2 working days. Australia Post E-Parcel can take between 1-7 working days, depending on which state you are located in. (We post from Melbourne).

We can offer urgent express postage if required, at an additional cost to your business.

What presentation options do I have for my student resources?

Included within the cost, we will brand the book, written assessment and student presentation with your company logo. You can have the resources hole punched and/or stapled down the left-hand side. At an additional cost, we will collate the resources into individual student binders for you.

Do I have access to the online support tools forever?

No. The support tools for each unit will continue to be available to you, as long as you continue to purchase the resources for that unit on an ongoing per student basis. Copyright on the documents is that you may not use these documents for students whom you have not purchased a training resource for.

How often are the resources validated?

We update on a continuous basis and externally validate where possible. Resources continue to be validated by our internal validation processes as well as many external validation systems our clients participate in.

We appreciate the results following validations to be emailed to us, in order to add them into our continuous improvement system.

FAQ – eLearning

How do I pay?

When you pre-purchase your units, we will email you an invoice. This can be paid via credit card, bank transfer or direct deposit within 30 days.

Do we purchase for the trainer as well?

No, if a trainer requires access to a unit, the trainer’s unit doesn’t need to be purchased for them. The trainer is however, included in the user when calculating LMS users.

Do you provide initial set up training?

Yes, we certainly do. We offer our full assistance in getting you set up in the initial phase and then offer ongoing support thereafter as well.

What information is needed to get started?

Each user is required to have an email address in order for them to be enrolled in the required units. You simply email the list of units you require to and they will be added into the Coassemble LMS. If you require us to enrol your student users also, then supply us with their name and email address and the unit they require.

How do you provide access to the content?

Once a user is enrolled, they will receive an automated email letting them know that they have been enrolled into the unit and for them to sign up (if they haven’t previously).

Do you provide support tools as well?

We sure do. Each unit comes with different types of assessments as well as sample answers, compliance mapping documents etc.

We have some awesome assessment tools already; can I upload them to the LMS?

Yes, you sure can.

Can we customise the content?

We do offer you the ability to customise the content, to be eligible for this option please contact our team.

Are we able to print the content?

You can print the support tools, but the learning content and embedded assessment tools are unable to be printed.

How long does each user get access for?

Each users access expires after 3 years.

How long does it take to set up our TRS eLearning?

Once you have decided that TRS eLearning is for you, it generally only takes a few working days to start enrolling and for students to begin learning.

Is the content updated?

Yes, the content is constantly updated.

Can we have our organisations logo branded onto the LMS?

Yes you certainly can. This is completed in the initial set up phase.

By having your logo branded within the LMS enables your students to identify with your training organisation as they learn.

We love our current LMS, do we have to change?

No of course not. We can embed our content into your own LMS (there is a required minimum number of units pre-purchased).